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We strive to find solutions that different organizations might need to make available to their audience, in this way, we develop these solutions and make them available in our Cloud for use by targeted organizations. We take care of all the technique required to ensure the operation of its different platforms.


Platform allowing to deploy a complete e-commerce site in its package.

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Provide schools with administration platforms and applications for exchanges with parents.

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Provide companies with a geolocation platform of their interests on a map.

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We are partners of SIMPLELOGIQ with in the framework of the Eska project.

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These companies trust us on a daily basis for their e-commerce operations; their visibility online; their mapping and in particular online payment with over 2 billion total transactions processed.

118 000 user accounts
referenced on all platforms to date.
55 000 localisations
tagged on different platforms.
1 Million FCFA
online payments processed per day.
1 Million FCFA
online payments processed to date.