ikwen is a software engineering company involved into helping classic businesses go digital. Our purpose is to provide people and businesses with very simple, yet powerful web/mobile apps that let them kick off their online business in no time.

We guide them into turning internet into more than just a communication tool, but also a business tool. So said, our solutions always integrate online Mobile Money payments out of the box.

Our solutions are Cloud based, one can deploy and run his own website from our apps library on www.ikwen.com


Great Products created by us, for our Cloud Platform ... Even better products created for our custom applications clients

KAKOCASE lets you create a full-working e-commerce website with integrated Mobile Money online payment.

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WEBNODE: Create a Corporate, Personal or Business Website. Extend capabilities with pluggable modules (Blog, Subscriptions ...)

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SHAVIDA: lets you deploy a VOD website in minutes. Get paid with Mobile Money online.

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Rock-solid applications made by our teams to solve business-critical issues for our customers.

Buy your WiFi internet bundles access online.

Network assets visualization of CREOLINK COMMUNICATIONS. - Private access

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