Reach more customers and sell all your stocks with Tsunami

Tsunami builds for you a persistent customer base and offers your products to this community via continuous automated Mail and SMS reminders.You should consider increasing your available stocks....

Go digital with Tsunami


Efficient use of the customer directory

You will now keep the contacts of your customers in a modern and useful way. Tsunami will be able to use this directory on his own to bring you even more customers and encourage them into repeated purchases. No more old paper phone books that get dusty at the bottom of the drawer.

Discover Cloud Customer Manager 

Customer retention made easy

Tsunami has a powerful marketing tool that can strategically offers rewards to all your prospects without you spending a single penny.

Discover Continuous Rewarding 

Sell everywhere, sell everytime... Sell online

Tsunami ensures that you no longer lose any opportunity to sell, by making your products directly available online, on all platforms, 24/7. Yes, you have your own e-commerce web/mobile site. Customers can order immediately after receiving your messages and pay online using MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money.

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Be on your customers Smartphones

Stay close to your customers with your icon installed in their smartphones. They can easily access you online store just by pressing on his home screen. Tsunami redefines the customer contact for you.

Go digital with Tsunami