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Easy Setup and configuration

Deploy in 5 seconds ! Next, the wizard will guide you during initial setup for choosing the school system (French or English), configure payment installments, load subjects and create exam sessions . You can change all that later as you wish. From there you can easily add levels, classrooms and students. Those can be imported from XL files.

Students follow up

Powerful Student file management. Easily navigate through Student information, Scores, Discipline and Billing. Add discipline entry and check Send SMS to send an alert to parent. Upload and keep track of absence justificatory documents in the same place. See whatever is paid or due in the Billing tab.

Scores input by teachers

Let teachers put scores online by themselves and from home. They can do it using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Session results are automatically calculated when they do so. When all teachers have input their scores, there’s an alert that suggest to generate report cards.

Online assignments NEW

Teachers can publish assignments for their classrooms with deadline defined and parents get notified instantaneously on MyKids app. When students submit their homework, teachers can view and leave comments.

Report cards generation

Get notified when all teachers have input their scores for a session. Simply click on the button to generate reports cards. Process is done on our cloud and you can come back later just to download the files grouped by classrooms.


See detailed statistics on all what is going on in your school from a single screen. Easily switch between periods and sessions.

Connect & Share with parents

Add parents'contacts in students data and parents will be automatically suggested to follow his child on MyKids app. Parents can also request for access to student information. Once connected, they have real-time view on all student data as you put them online. This can be offered to parent as a paid service. They pay online and money goes to the school account.
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Online payment

Yes, your platform accepts online payment for school fees or everything else, and you collect money on your bank account. Once parents can follow their child online, they can see whatever is due and pay by themselves using whatever Mobile Money wallet or bank account. You have detailed information about those transactions and status of your online wallet.

Why use ScolarFleet ?

ScolarFleet will set you free from some annoying tasks, while providing you with continuous improvements.

Back-up and archiving

We offer automatic backup and archiving of your data using the most up to date infrastructures and technologies. You can always come back on whatever previous year and see all data exactly as they were.

Free and continuous improvements

We have a wonderful team of experienced developers who work daily based on your issues and expectations to make sure that the platform gets better and better.

You have a website and blog

ScolarFleet gives you a modern and free website on the same platform. You also have a blog to publish daily articles. If you want something like, simply buy that domain name and update.

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Connect staff and parents with the student and benefit all the features ScolarFleet has to offer.

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You're in good company

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