Lower total payroll and marketing costs while increasing revenue

No salary for the sales person, he gets paid only by a percentage that YOU decide. No flyer, no radio or TV ad, no social media sponsoring. Your sales people share their products to their contacts and turn them into new customers.

Build a smart customer database

Daras share your links and people register on your online plateform providing their names, emails and phone numbers. Thos precious data help you build a solid relationship with your clients by talking to them directly.

Improve your brand image

People tend to think that digital area is only for big companies. Seize this opportunity to improve your brand image for customers. You will be closer to those, closer to your Daras and their nearest ones.

Your digital department now affordable

Just like multinationals, get an external, yet powerful digital department that you can trust. IT experts dedicated to Cloud business are taking care of your digital assets daily.

Estimate your potential revenue

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